Strawberry Chia Jam

I often buy the extra ripe strawberries from the discount rack at my local grocery store. I usually freeze them to save for smoothies or to top waffles and pancakes or mix into oatmeal. But one of my favorite things to make with extra ripe strawberries is this simple chia jam. Chia seeds are an easy way to add texture, omega-3s, fiber, protein, calcium, magnesium, and more to almost anything. They naturally absorb liquid, creating a gel-like (or jam-like) consistency.

strawberry chia seed jam



2 cups ripe strawberries, diced
2 Tbsp chia seeds


1. Mash the strawberries in a small mixing bowl with a potato masher.

2. Mix in the chia seeds.

3. Allow the mixture to sit for about 20 minutes to give the chia seeds time to absorb the juices and thicken the jam.

4. Spread on toast, crackers, waffles, etc. Enjoy!


  1. Depending on the ripeness of your berries and taste preference for sweetness, some people choose to add some pure maple syrup. Start with 1 tsp and gradually increase to taste.

  2. If you prefer a a smoother consistency jam, add it to the blender.