Applying to Dietetic Internships? WATCH THIS!

This is a stressful time of year as dietetic students across the country fine tune and perfect their applications for the all-competitive dietetic internship. This year long, supervised practice internship is required in order to sit for the RD exam. The acceptance rate to dietetic internships hovers around 45%. With only a 45% chance of being matched to a program, students do whatever it takes to win directors over and make their applications shine.

I started working with All Access Internships this past fall to help students improve their resumes, personal statements, and answer all types of application questions. If you have not looked into All Access Internships, I HIGHLY recommend it. It was a lifesaver throughout my entire application process!

Jenny Westercamp is a fellow RD and founded the company while completing her own dietetic internship. She offers a ton of free videos on YouTube to guide you through the process and offers personalized coaching services to really make your application stand out. For more resources, sign up for one of the All Access memberships here: But first, watch the awesome video below to avoid these common application mistakes!