180-Day Coaching Package

180 Day Package (2).jpg
180 Day Package (2).jpg

180-Day Coaching Package


You are ready to making lasting changes to improve your long-term health and finally feel your best. For an affordable price, you have a dietitian at your fingertips every step of the way.

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The 180 Day Coaching Package Includes:

1 Initial Nutrition Assessment

Jenna will assess your current diet & lifestyle habits to meet you where you're at & design a customized nutrition plan with realistic & sustainable goals.

11 Follow-Up Sessions

1-on-1 sessions customized to you & your needs providing valuable education & tools, evaluating your progress, & establishing small goals to push you towards your long term goals.

Individualized Goals & Customized Recommendations

Knowing where to start on your weight loss or health journey can be challenging or near impossible. During each session, Jenna makes personal suggestions aimed at your biggest diet pitfalls and customized goals to get you on the right track.

180 days of Unlimited Email Access & Support

Think of a last minute question just after your session? Something unexpected come up? Have a food question while grocery shopping? Shoot me a quick email - I'm here for ya!

24 Weeks of Personal Accountability

Studies have shown, those who have the most success in adopting healthy lifestyle changes are those who keep track (food logs) & those who are held accountable regularly. Whether we're meeting in person (via Google Meet) or just a quick check-in for a food log review- each week you are held accountable, helping steer you on the right track for lasting healthy lifestyle changes to feel your absolute best.

You'll Learn How To:

  • eat healthy on a budget
  • incorporate exercise you enjoy into your lifestyle
  • choose a healthier cocktail & even incorporate alcohol into a healthy lifestyle
  • prepare to eat healthy when travelling & away from home
  • incorporate healthy lifestyle habits so you don't spend your life yo-yo dieting
  • become a meal prep pro
  • choose healthy snacks to satisfy you until your next meal
  • become a more mindful eater
  • read nutrition facts & ingredients labels & feel confident in choosing healthy products
  • make healthy eating easy!
  • plus get all your specific nutrition and healthy lifestyle questions answered