This is the softest, smoothest ground flaxseed you will ever have. It is the absolute best. 

Manitoba Milling Co.'s unique milling process allows them to select only the highest quality seeds. Because of the high quality, their product does not require refrigeration like most brands.

When flaxseed is consumed in the ground form you will benefit from the omega-3, antioxidant, and protein content as well as fiber.

Manitoba Milling Co.'s flaxseed contains a day's worth of Omega-3s! Try their pancake and muffin mixes and their new flax milk too!

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Collagen peptides is a newer product but it is said to help with gut repair, skin hydration, and bone and joint health.

Collagen peptides can be added to smoothies, soups, oatmeal, yogurt, drinks, and more.

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These New Nugo Egg White Protein Bars are made with just real, whole food ingredients. With egg whites as the source of protein each bar contains 12-14 grams of real protein.

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