Healthy Egg Muffins (video) +10 Other Simple Recipes to Make Healthy Eating Easy

healthy egg muffins

Growing up, I never liked eggs. When I started college, I tried to make myself like the dining hall scrambled eggs, convinced they'd cure my hangovers (not so much). But, to be honest, I never actually liked them until about 2 years ago. On my 24th birthday, Colin (bf) and I went to breakfast at Nova Cafe here in Bozeman. I ventured out from my usual and safe smoothie bowl, oatmeal, or waffles (carb queen) to try the special: poached eggs over sweet potato and beet hash. BOMB. Because of my love for beets, I just couldn't pass this one up and ever since I've been hooked. I just LOVE those runny yolks of a perfectly poached egg. Now that I'm an adult, I can officially say I like eggs and even choose to eat them on the reg.


For whatever reason, many people seem to have a hard time getting something in for breakfast. I'm a firm believer that healthy eating should be easy and yet somehow we make it so hard on ourselves. Breakfast doesn't have to be an elaborate meal or even first thing when you wake up. Something quick and easy to give you a boost of energy to fuel your morning is perfectly acceptable. I usually recommend trying to include at least 2 food groups to balance out your meal and prevent a sugar crash soon after. Again, it doesn't have to be hard - a simple protein bar (see suggestions here), a handful of nuts, and apple will do if that's all you have time to grab.

These healthy egg muffins are simple to make and convenient to keep on hand for those busy mornings when you're running around like crazy with no time to even think about your stomach. I made a batch almost two weeks ago now and still have a few in the freezer to quickly microwave (~1 minute) when I need something quick.

Some people prefer to set aside time on weekends to meal prep for the week, but let's be real this doesn't work for everyone or doesn't necessarily happen every week. Use your time wisely. When you have a few minutes to watch your water boil or veggies roast- use this time to pack your lunch for tomorrow or throw some egg muffins in the oven!

Don't make this hard on yourself. Use whatever ingredients you have on hand, it's a great way to use up extra veggies and fresh herbs. Only have 6 eggs on hand? Cut the recipe in half. Only have carrots and an onion? That'll work too. The first time I made this, I happened to have peppers that were starting to wrinkle and a handful of spinach and a few spears of asparagus that had to go so I threw them in the mix. When I made it for the video I had just bought a basil plant and also had some kale & cherry tomatoes on hand. That's me, but you do you.


Idk about you, my Instagram feed is usually filled with fancy recipes that look pretty, but realistically I'll never make. As you may know, I'm on this mission to help make healthy eating easy. So instead of bombard you with pretty recipes you'll never make, I want to blow up your feed with realistic, doable, & easy, healthy recipes. Recipes you may actually try. I wanted to show you and others just how easy healthy eating can be.

Over the past month or so I've recruited a few dietitian friends to share healthy, easy recipes via video on Instagram. We thought videos would be helpful to give you a visual of actually how easy our healthy recipes are. (If you don't already, be sure to follow me @jennagorham_rd.) We each created a recipe that takes less than 30 minutes to whip up and uses no more than 10 ingredients. They may not be as pretty as the pros' videos but they're super simple (and taste pretty good too). Follow us each Thursday all summer long with #letsberealmeals as we share a new, easy recipe each week. 



1 dozen eggs
1/2 cup milk of choice
1.5 cups veggies, diced (whatever you have on hand, don't make this difficult)
1/4 cup cheese (optional or use whatever is in your fridge - I've used parm, mozzarella, & cheddar)
1 tsp baking powder (optional, but it makes them puff up nicely)
1/4 tsp pepper
1/4 tsp salt



1. Preheat oven to 350 F and grease a muffin tin.

2. Dice your veggies. I've used asparagus, sweet peppers, and spinach in one batch and cherry tomatoes, kale, and fresh basil in another. Use whatever you have on hand and want to use up.

3. Crack your eggs into a large mixing bowl. Whisk aggressively until combined.

4. Add the milk, veggies, cheese (again, any kind works), baking powder (helps them to rise), salt & pepper, and mix to combine.

5. Divide your egg mixture evenly into your greased muffin tin. 1/3 cup measuring cup works great to scoop and pour.

6. Top the muffins with another sprinkle of cheese.

7. Place in the center rack of your oven and bake at 350 for 22 minutes or until the eggs are set and slightly golden.

8. Either serve immediately or freeze for later once they cool. Enjoy!