How to ride out your food cravings with the craving wave


We sometimes get cravings. It's normal. Maybe we're sad, or stressed, or excited, or heartbroken, or hungover, or exhausted. It happens.

Contrary to popular belief, a craving for a certain food does not mean we are deficient in certain nutrients (bummer.), cravings are more likely related to our emotions (see here, here, & here).

Sooo... I present to you the craving wave. I love this analogy. Read on.

Cravings come and go just like waves. They can be a huge, overwhelming wave of urge. The intensity of the wave (and crave) builds and builds. It feels like it will get bigger and bigger and worse and worse if you don't give in to it. But... if you can just wait it out till its peak, it will gradually subside - just like a wave crests, falls, and breaks. Rarely do cravings last for longer than 20-30 minutes.

Now, I'm not saying ignore the craving. Ignoring it can fuel the wave. It can set us up so all we do is obsess over it. Try to acknowledge the craving and allow it to pass. If you're eating out of stress or boredom, etc. - acknowledge that feeling too. Grab a glass of water, go for a walk, read a book, and allow the craving to pass. This gives you time to be mindful, think about whether or not you're hungry and what you're hungry for. And if you are hungry- eat something!

Ride the wave...

Keeping your pantry and fridge stocked with healthy snacks can be a huge help when cravings hit.

healthy grocery list

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