5 Ways to Cut 100 Calories from Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy with friends and family around food. We're presented with so many delicious and even healthy options, but the calories can add up quickly leaving us feeling over stuffed. Below are a few simple tips to cut back just a bit this Thanksgiving.

1. Spread Lightly
There are 100 calories in just 1 tablespoon of butter. Spread lightly when adding to your mashed potatoes, rolls, and cranberry bread.

2. Go Crust-Less
There are 100 calories in just 1/8th slice of pie crust. A pie with crust on the top and bottom has 200 calories from the crust alone. Opt for a pumpkin pie with only a bottom layer of crust or even make it crust-less! You could also make an apple crumble or try baked apples with cinnamon instead.

3. Whip It
Classic ice cream has twice the amount of calories compared to the classic canned whipped cream. So this year, consider choosing lighter of the two.

4. Lose the Skin
There are 100 calories in just 1 oz of turkey skin. The skin of the turkey is largely made up of saturated fat, the type that isn't so beneficial to our hearts. Choosing the white meat, without skin would be a leaner choice.

5. Easy Does It on the Mashers
Mashed potatoes are typically loaded with cream or butter. By reducing your full cup serving to a half cup you will cut over 100 calories. If you're making the mashed potatoes this year, try adding a bit of Greek yogurt for the same creamy texture, more protein, and less empty calories from saturated fat.